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We are a marine and offshore consulting and engineering services company based in Singapore with expertise in shipbuilding, brokering and ship repair. 

Our sectors: 

1. Marine Services

2. Offshore Engineering

3. Marine Equipment Supply

4. Construction Commodity Sourcing


Authorised Agent in Singapore for:

1. Hyundai Materials Corporation 

Provision of EGCS Exhaust Gas Cleaning System Sales Supply and Services to customers and vessels 

2. Pax Ocean Shipyard

Sole agent for Pax Ocean Shipyard for ship repair and shipbuilding works

3. Hyundai Global Services, Hyundai Heavy Industries 

Authorised company for after-sales services (A/S), repair work and technical services

4. Hi Air Korea 

Sole distributor for Hi Air Korea's marine air-con spare parts 


Our Services

Over 20 years of experience at your doorstep.

Consulting services

1. Docking agent for Ship Repair (Brokering) 
2. Shipyard agent for New Building (Brokering) 
3. S&P and T/C

Engineering Services

1. Scrubber Retrofit Engineering 
2. Ship Repair and Fabrication 
3. BWTS Retrofit Engineering


With extensive contacts and expertise in marine and offshore engineering in Singapore, Korea, China and Indonesia.

LPG or LNG gas carrier vessel underway i

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Eco-Tech @ Sunview, Singapore 627615

+65 62256797


+65 62256797

Eco-Tech @ Sunview, Singapore 627615

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